At The Children’s House the children are number one, as they should be and we have tried to cover every angle to ensure that your child has the best possibility to both grow and expand within their environment.
Our facilities include five dedicated, spacious and well laid out rooms and a large garden, with both a tarmacadam and grassed area, for the various activities that the children may get involved in. On the grass area we have a large swing, slide and climbing frame unit, for the sunnier days. We have trikes and scooters for the children to use while they are outside and also have a painted roadway area to keep them in a specific area whilst they are cycling around.
From time to time and on special occasions we sometimes have activities in the garden (weather permitting) and have on past occasions setup a bouncy castle, which we have ample room for, thanks to our very large outdoor garden area.

All our outdoor activities are of course well supervised by our experienced staff and generally all rooms are given separate time in the garden to ensure little ones are not out when the bigger children come to run around but the garden has been divided by a low fence to facilitate all children getting out when it is sunny and dry.
Should you wish to view our creche then please phone or email for an appointment with our Managing Director or one of our Supervisors.

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